Ireland has developed some rules for flying drones in its country. According to Irish Aviation Authority, drone flying is legal and legitimate but should be performed by following a set of rules. It is recommended that the drone aspirants keep these rules in their minds while flying the drones.


  1. You will have to register your drone incase if your drone is to fly more than 15 meters and have a weight more than 1 kg.
  2. For recreational and commercial drone operators, same code of conduct will apply with no need to licensing or getting permit requirements.
  3. Maximum height that a registered drone can achieve or fly up to is 15 meters.
  4. Maximum weight a registered drone is allowed to have is 25 kg
  5. Drone pilots are directed to keep a direct line of sight with their drone during operations, and are not allowed to fly more than 300 meters.
  6. Drones are not allowed to fly in any area within 5 km of airports.
  7. It is recommended that drones insurance may be done by the Irish Aviation Authority, but is not a legal requirement.
  8. Drones are not allowed to fly over national monuments.
  9. Excluding all the forbidden situations, drones can be flown.

Drones can be registered here: here.